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Mental Health Awareness Week | Bedspace to Start Mental Health Champions Initiative

12 05 22



Mental Health is such an important factor in the daily support we, at Bedspace, provide to the individuals we work alongside and also within our teams internally.


This is why we are happy to announce the introduction of a new internal initiative - Mental Health Workplace Champions!


These Champions will work alongside our HR Team to embrace health and well-being initiatives across the company as well as undertake research and training to better support their co-workers.

"To support you must first feel supported."


In a recent survey undertaken by Mind, they found that 1 in 4 adults who felt their mental health decline for the first time since the pandemic, have not spoken to anyone about it. See full article >>


We hope this initiative helps to build trust and remove the stigma surrounding mental health and the challenges each of us faces, showing that we are not alone.


Our passion for this topic can even be seen with our staff choosing Mind as the chosen charity for this year's fundraiser. #TeamBedspace has already undertaken a Paris Half Marathon (Congrats again Nick Thornhill) with our very own Andrew Brooks & Thomas Culshaw MARLA due to run a 10K for this brilliant charity in only 10 days' time!


In light of this awareness week, we hope that you support us where you can using the link below:

Bedspace 2022 Fundraiser for Mind UK